Exterior House Painting

After years of withstanding the element, your house will start to look tired. when that happens, an easy way to bring it back to life is by painting it.

At the beginning of our 1st day of work

The crew leader/Forman and painters are introduced to the customer.
We make sure there are no changes to the work to be performed and answer any new questions customer may have.
Front and back yard furniture are removed from the areas to be painted.
We will cover or mask surfaces that are nearby and are not to be painted, such as cars, plants, decorative items .
Floors are protected with drop cloths.

Protection of surroundings.

Surfaces preparation and coatings applications.

Scraping and sanding loose paint occurs once everything is clean and dry.
Removing old, loose caulking, and re-nailing all loose nails.
We putty all nails and caulk all seams on trim & claps as necessary to seal unsightly gaps and prevent moisture penetration.
Downspouts are removed to properly paint all corners.
Some older windows may require us to remove loose glazing and re-glaze as needed.
We also prime for specific reasons! Most of our high-end coating systems are actually self-priming. We prime to deter knots from bleeding, deter tannin or cedar bleeding, or to increase adhesion. Then, we identify each area’s needs and prime accordingly!
We can remove and replace rotted wood! We will advise on damaged wood if/as we come across it!
Pressure Wash Services
The job site will be cleaned daily, before the end of the shift. We will keep the premises free of any unnecessary accumulation of tools, equipment, supplies, material, debris, and such.
If the residents occupy the areas, each day the job site will be left in the same condition at the end of each working day that it was in at the start of the working day.
A thorough clean-up will be done at the end of the entire project.

Site cleaning

Work approval

Inspect After our own inspection, you are invited to inspect our work and asked to complete the feedback card for the crew.

By following this procedure, we can ensure the smooth completion of your exterior painting job.