Interior Painting

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At NCR Pro-Painting, we perfectly understand how dull and boring your kitchen walls could look sometimes. We know how much you would love for a change in the color and feel of your living room and bedroom walls. Let’s face it; everyone loves a beautifully designed and exciting interior for their homes. The color of your walls and the quality of paint used in designing them plays a major role in the beauty and ambiance of the entire house. A simple change in the color of paint you use indoors could be the spark your house needs for that look you are hoping for.

We’ve got you covered! NCR Pro-Painters has been in the business of beautifying homes and leaving indelible marks of satisfaction in clients’ hearts for over 16 years now. Our interior painting services are top-notch, and our painters are dedicated to giving you just the look you’re going for, no matter the size or type of home you live in.

We take our time to ascertain the texture of the walls of your kitchen, bathroom, living rooms, etc., to know if the walls will need some repairs before painting. Our painters will cover every crack and damages on the walls; protect other parts of the room from paint drops before painting the room with your desired colors. We recommend the best paint products for you to purchase for your home, and we make use of only eco-friendly low/zero VOC paints to ensure your environmental comfort and safety.

Our Services

Contacting us for your painting services is the first best decision you’ll make towards enjoying a more beautifully painted home with a refreshing ambiance. The second decision will be on whether or not to leave your home after we are done.

NCR Pro-Painting Services has your best interest at heart, and we treat your home and property with the best care possible, so rest assured that your home is safe with us.

Some of our services include

Free written estimates within 24 hours

Wallpaper removal

Minor interior wall surface repairs, including drywall ‘dents’

Major interior wall surface repairs, including hole repairs

Drywall water stain repairs on ceilings and walls

Consecutive workdays

Drywall taping, mudding, and sanding following repairs

Sprayer service on request

Eco-friendly paints applications (low/zero VOC paint products)

Disposal of old paint products available

Off-hour work schedules (emergencies, evenings, weekends, 24/7)

Through these services and more, we are guaranteed to provide you with the best interior painting services available even on a budget. Our staff are licensed and duly certified, and they use only industry-standard tools and equipment when carrying out their duties.

What’s more? Your property is protected by our company insurance, and there is a one-year warranty you can count on even after we are done with the job. We make sure to carry out the job as efficiently and fast as possible, we use only the best products, and our services are highly appreciated and talked about by our numerous satisfied clients. What more could you wish for?

If you have been looking for a trusted and reliable painting company, a company with your interest and preferences as their top priority, a company that is experienced in the field with reviews and testimonials to back it up, NCR Pro-Painting Company is arguably the best there is in Ottawa. Contact us today and trust us with your interior painting services and rest easy while we create the magic in your home.