Exterior Painting

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Exterior House Painting

NCR Pro-Painting will provide fair pricing for your project after meeting with you and listening carefully to your general and specific needs.

Many people are surprised to learn that using quality paint alone or applying the proper techniques it’s never enough for a Lasting Finish.

In fact, greater than fifty percent of the time spent working on a home’s exterior finish should be devoted to surface preparation. Scraping, stripping, sanding, pressure washing etc. It’s hard work and dirty!

This kind of preparation is particularly important here in Ottawa where we experience such a wide range of weather from freezing winters, blistering summers, soaking rains and daily bombardment of UV radiation.

Making right investment in material and on a skilled/experienced painting crew will virtually guarantee that you won’t have to drag out the ladders again anytime soon.

Our proposal will be detailed and our pricing transparent. Pricing will also reflect our commitment to our employees, by running a legitimate company offering appropriate benefits, attracting and retaining talented and successful house painters.

NCR Pro-painting

Residential and Commercial Interior and Exterior Painting Services (New Projects & Fit Ups)

• Free Written Estimates within 24hrs
• Wallpaper Removal
• Minor interior wall surface repairs, including drywall “dents”
• Major interior wall surface repairs, including hole repair
• Taping, mudding, and sanding, following repairs
• Drywall Water Stain Repairs on ceilings and walls
• Sprayer service on request
• Wood Repairs and Replacement
• Pressure Washing
• Clears and Stain Applications
• Colour Match and Consultation – Chosen colours kept on file (3-years)
• Eco-Friendly paints applications
(Low & 0 VOC Paint products)
• Disposal of old paint products available
• Consecutives Workdays
• Off hours work schedules
(Emergency – Evenings, Weekends 24/7)


Take a look at the Sherwin-Williams Interior colors against the room plans provided on the page of this link. We have also included Exterior colors for Benjamin Moore by clicking on the COLOR A ROOM icon.