Paint To Sell

Paint to sell

There are many things in life that you can do multiple times.
Making a first impression isn't one of them.

If you are planning to sell your house in the next few months, as painting experts, we do recommend painting your house before you’re putting it on the market.

This can not only make your property look more modern and appealing, but it can also potentially increase its property value. Both interior and exterior paint jobs can lead to great Returns On Investment (ROI). A newly painted home will be worth more and it may also attract a higher number of buyers.

The importance of a good first impression on buyers cannot be emphasized enough.

Buyers make up their mind about a house in the first few minutes they see it.
And how your house looks inside and out can make the difference between you getting your asking price and fair market value, and a prospective buyer beating you down on price or worse, a buyer looking elsewhere as they may think you’ve not kept the home in a good state of repair.

Before selling a house

A common concern when people want to get their properties on the market quickly is that painting will cost too much and take too long.

Preparing your home for sale does not need to be a long and stressful process, and does not necessarily mean you require a full paint job. Sometimes to freshen up the existing space a wall or two could be all that is needed, or perhaps even a change of colour to the front door to brighten its appearance.

NCR Pro Painting is an experienced painting contractor that specializes in pre-sale renovations and can complete an expert paint job in the least time possible.

The value of a quality paint upgrade will easily repay itself when the property is sold

Neutral colors and benefits

  • First Impressions Matter and Wallpaper needs to go! Wallpaper choice can be highly personal and can turn buyers off.
  • Keeping the colours neutral will help buyers feel more comfortable about the sale.
  • Neutral colours can also allow the buyer to visualize themselves living in your home.
  • Neutral colours will strike the perfect balance between depersonalization and creating a warm, welcoming home.
  • They can open up even a small space; the rooms will look Bigger, Cleaner and Brighter. Those words are used a lot when buyers are in the business of choosing a home to buy.
  • A fresh coat of paint on rooms that haven’t been painted in years will give them a whole new look.
  • Fresh paint will make for much nicer photos and since most buyers “shop” for houses online, this is definitely an important factor to consider.

NCR Pro-Painting: Professional Painting Services

We offer a wide range of painting services for both residential and commercial properties, including interior and exterior painting. Our services cover new projects as well as fit ups, ensuring that your space is painted to perfection.

  • Free Written Estimates within 24hrs
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Minor interior wall surface repairs, including drywall “dents”
  • Major interior wall surface repairs, including hole repair
  • Drywall taping, mudding, and sanding, following repairs
  • Sprayer service on request
  • Off hours work schedules (Emergency – Evenings, Weekends 24/7)
  • Wood Repairs and Replacement
  • Pressure Washing
  • Clears and Stain Applications
  • Colour Match and Consultation – Chosen colours kept on file (3-years)
  • Eco-Friendly paints applications (Low & 0 VOC Paint products)
  • Disposal of old paint products available
  • Consecutives Workdays

Take a look at the Sherwin-Williams Interior colors against the room plans provided on the page of this link.  Try SW Free Visualizer We have also included Exterior colors for Benjamin Moore by clicking on the COLOR A ROOM icon. Try BM Free Visualizer.


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